Faculty Training

Maine Campus Compact offers a consulting program to support campuses as they integrate service-learning and civic engagement programming into their curricula.

Consultants are available to provide technical assistance and development training designed to meet the needs of faculty, administrators, or Community Service Directors through:

  •  Campus workshops
  •  Faculty development seminars
  •  Departmental retreats or Institutes
  •  One-on- one consultations
  •  Individually tailored sessions

Faculty Consultants Can Assist Faculty In:

  •  Introducing service-learning as a pedagogy
  •  Developing community partnerships
  •  Redesigning a course and creating syllabi
  •  Devising strategies to develop student skills and capacities for community work
  •  Developing service-learning research programs
  •  Providing access to external service-learning resources

Faculty Consultants Can Assist Administrators and Community Service Directors in:

  •  Setting up campus-wide service-learning programs
  •  Building campus infrastructure for service-learning
  •  Infusing service-learning into the curriculum
  •  Offering faculty development in service-learning
  •  Promoting the benefits of service-learning
  •  Identifying external funds available for service-learning programs

To arrange a consultant visit to your campus, please contact us. You will be asked to complete a consultant request form, providing information that will assist in identifying the faculty consultant who best suits your needs and informing the consultant of those needs.

Fees for consultant services are $500/full day; $250/half-day. For Campus Compact member institutions, financial support may be available to cover travel expenses or provide partial fee scholarship.