Maine Partnership for Environmental Stewardship


Maine Campus Compact’s MPES Program will host 38 AmeriCorps Members who will partner with higher education institutions and community organizations at 6 sites across the state. MPES’ focus areas are Environmental Stewardship and Economic Opportunity. Maine’s cold climate, inadequate weatherization resources, and aged building stock contribute to a vital need for increased energy efficiency. Economically disadvantaged populations, in particular, have a greater mean energy burden due to lower quality housing and reliance on energy-intensive heating devices. Through campus/community partnerships focused on energy efficiency education and light weatherization services, MPES AmeriCorps Members will increase energy efficiency and cost savings for economically disadvantaged populations, community organizations, and non-profit higher educational institutions. In addition to responding to the need for increased energy efficiency, MPES will address the need for more job opportunities and vocational training, particularly for unemployed and economically disadvantaged individuals in growth fields like green jobs. MPES will seek low-income individuals, including non-traditional and low-income college students and underemployed community members for our MT Member positions. By participating in environmental stewardship training programs and receiving tailored career guidance, MPES AmeriCorps Members will gain a broad skill set for assessing energy efficiency, recruiting volunteers, and designing effective interventions. For a small cost-share, host institutions will benefit from a team of AmeriCorps Members dedicated to reducing campus energy costs and strengthening ties with the local community through energy efficiency efforts that benefit economically disadvantaged households.


The Maine Partnership for Environmental Stewardship (MPES) is dedicated to building campus/community partnerships to improve energy efficiency in homes and higher education institutions throughout the state of Maine.


Facilitate behavioral and technical interventions to increase local and regional energy efficiency, particularly for economically disadvantaged individuals and households.


  • Window Dressers
  • United Way of Tri Valley Area


  1. Build campus-community partnerships
  2. Energy Education Events
  3. Window Insert Builds
  4. Green Certification Audits
  5. Green Job Trainings/Events
  6. Personalized Career Action Plans

AmeriCorps is a program of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). CNCS, the grantor, is an independent federal agency whose mission is to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement through service and volunteering.