Member Benefits

  • Leadership and advocacy for citizenship education and service-learning policy
  • Models and technical assistance for service-learning institutionalization
  • Grants to support institutionalization of campus/community engagement
  • Professional development opportunities for faculty, community service directors, staff, presidents, chief academic officers. students and community partners
  • A resource library of materials available for browsing or borrowing
  • Email newsletters
  • Discounts to Maine Campus Compact sponsored events
  • Recognition through awards, publications, and presentations
  • Targeted assistance to member institutions through site visits and consultation
  • Workshops and conferences on campus civic engagement
  • VISTA staffing for anti-poverty campus/community partnerships, service-learning, and student service leadership

National Campus Compact

Members of Maine Campus Compact automatically belong to the national Campus Compact, which provides a range of services that complement the work we do at the state level. A few highlights include:

  • Monitoring national higher education policy
  • Comprehensive publications on service-learning and civic engagement
  • Web-based service-learning syllabus bank
  • Collaboration with other national organizations to promote improved educational practice and policy
  • National presidential leadership colloquia that: simulate presidential leadership, cultivate discourse on civic engagement, and support the civic development of college students.
  • Faculty and student award programs
  • National listservs for presidents and community service/service-learning directors