Community Colleges for Environmental Stewardship

A four-state Campus Compact consortium aims to engage teams of faculty from a wide variety of disciplines, from Community Colleges, in collaborative efforts to integrate environmental service-learning projects into the curriculum. Campuses are selected to receive a sub-grant of up to $4500 to create institutional change by embedding service-learning projects into courses, thereby strengthening teaching and curriculum, student learning outcomes, and interdisciplinary approaches to education.

Each campus will be required to deliver a minimum of 4 related service-learning courses, each partnering with community organizations to address climate change and water quality. Teams will receive training in service-learning pedagogy and apply this interdisciplinary model to environmental stewardship challenges as a part of their participation in the grant.


  • Eastern Maine Community College
  • Southern Maine Community College

New Hampshire

  • New Hampshire Technical Institute: Concord’s Community College


  • Berkshire Community College


  • Vermont Community College
  • Vermont Technical College