Winterfest Competitions

Photography Contest Guidelines

Description: Winter is the perfect time to get outside to enjoy the fresh air and the beauty all around you. A great way to capture the moment is through photography. Photos submitted should be nature-themed, including landscapes, trees, wildlife, or recreation. Images can incorporate family, friends, pets or outdoor fun! All photos must be original work, taken by the entrants.

Submission Requirements:

1. Each entrant can submit up to 4 winter-themed photos (from this year or recent years) in black & white or color for FREE!

2. Limited to any currently enrolled students in an undergraduate or graduate program in Maine.

3. Your entries must be JPG or JPEG photographs sized at 2000px on the longest side and at 72DPI resolution. Send your JPG or JPEG file to by (Monday 3/24/21 11:59pm).

4. Entries can also be submitted to our instagram hashtag #winterfestphotocontest2021

5. Entries must be named with a first_last name and a number 01, 02…. Example: janedoe01.jpg, janedoe02.jpg.

6. Entrants whose photos depict other people must be prepared to provide a release from the rights holder upon request.

7. Photo entries will be judged based on creativity, quality, originality, and technique.

8. Winners will be announced on March 29th and featured on our instagram account and/or website along with a small prize to be announced.

A panel of judges will determine who will be named the Winterfest 2021 Photography Champion and the winner will be announced on Thursday, March 25, 2021.

Photography Contest Judges:

Kari Herer – is a Yarmouth, Maine-based professional photographer. Since founding her company in 2009, she has been a featured artist on Martha Stewart Weddings, Etsy, Design Sponge, and Click Magazine, while she is a regular contributor to several publications including ZEST magazine, and Sotheby’s International. Recently one of her images was featured on Apple’s billboard campaign and was shown on billboards in over 5 countries. Her vivid portrayals of botanical specimens have landed her collaborations with Anthropologie, IKEA, Land of Nod, and Restoration Hardware. She has conducted photography workshops and been a featured speaker at conferences throughout the world. You can view her work here.

Katherine Emery – has worked in many different jobs over the years and every one of them has influenced her work: She has had a paper route, mowed lawns, sold PVC piping, made keys at the local hardware store, worked in a library, waited tables, and taught swim lessons. She has also taught French in Mississippi through Teach for America and was an assistant-editor in a publishing company. She managed animators creating a feature-length animation (think Bugs) and worked with a former National Geographic photographer on a global project involving data visualization and human connection. She also oversaw a million dollar grant, developed content for engineering educators in Silicon Valley and tutored students in creative writing. She is grateful for these opportunities, as they shaped how she sees and how moves in this world.

Katherine writes: “I am interested in the fibers connecting self to family and other forms of belonging—but also those that may reveal a tension between how we see ourselves and how we feel defined. As humans, we make sense of our world through storytelling. I am curious about the narratives that confine us, the narratives that connect us, and those we create to set us free.” You can view her work here.

Snow Sculpting Challenge

Description: Looking for a new and fun way to make the most of a snow day?  As a college student in Maine, you already have the perfect ingredient: snow! We are challenging you to create a snow sculpture of your choice. It can be anything from a snow person, to a snow animal, to even a snow fort. If there is not much snow in your area, you can be creative, as even a small snow sculpture qualifies, or you can even make a sand or ice sculpture instead!  The goal is to try something new and to have fun!

Submission Requirements:

    1. Create your snow sculpture
    2. Take photos of your snow sculpture and upload them to Instagram with the tag #MCCWinterfest2021 by March 24, 2021
    3. A panel of judges will determine who will be named the Winterfest 2021 Snow Sculpture Champion.

Sculptures will be judged based on creativity, message and execution!

Campus Spirit TikTok Challenge Guidelines

Description:  Calling all students, faculty and staff. TikTok is a great way to have fun, keep us connected and show off your campus spirit by creating a fun campus-themed TikTok video.  When making your TikTok, show your campus spirit by wearing campus gear (t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats) or showcasing handmade banners, etc. The more creative the better!

Deadline: March 24, 2021

Submission Rules/Requirements

    1. TikTok must be “campus themed”
    2. Video length 15-60 seconds
    3. Appropriate content (No profanity, or inappropriate/ derogatory language or gestures)
    4. The challenge is not limited to just dance. Participants can sing, act or highlight a special talent or hobby.
    5. Tag #MCCWinterfest2021 on TikTok to submit your video!

Videos will be judged based on originality, content and school spirit!

Contact Carolyn Brady at with questions!